The best paint removal techniques

The cheapest way to renew an old surface is by applying a fresh paint coating over it. Whether you intend to hide cracks or deal with paint flakes, you will need to strip off the existing paint for the best results. When you paint over peeling paint, you will not achieve a smooth finish regardless of the paint quality or your painting skills. Stripping is the first stage in any repainting job.

Whether you are a pro or a DIY enthusiast, here are the best paint removal techniques to have a seamless project.


You realize that sanding is a significant step in every house painting project. Besides smoothing rough surfaces, sanding gets rid of old paint on a surface and prepares it for a new painting.

You require different sanding tools for impressive results, including sanding paper, sponge, power sanding dishes, and clapboard sanders. Deciding on which one to use depends on demanding the nature of your job is.


A metal or a plastic scraper is very effective when removing peeling paint. However, you should be keen not to use excess pressure, which might cause damage to the surface under the paint.


A heat gun is another essential tool when getting rid of old paint. Heat is very effective and softens thick paint layers. The trick in using a heat gun is ensuring that you set the proper temperatures. Low heat will take you long to get the work done, while excessive heat might damage your surface or even cause fires.


Unlike a heat gun, steam strippers eliminate the risk of possible fires. It involves using water vapor to soften paint at temperatures not exceeding 212 degrees. On the other hand, condensation reduces the chance of forming dust particles and fumes. 

Chemical stripping

Chemical strippers are the most preferred method of getting rid of paint since they are very effective. Any chemical applied on your surface is likely to cause an adverse reaction, thus damaging or weakening it. However, there are some less toxic chemical strippers in the market.

Get professional advice

Since removing paint is complicated for a usual homeowner, you will need to seek professional assistance in determining which method works well for your surface.

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The best paint removal techniques
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