How to Paint Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding comes along with so many benefits. Among them is the fact that it’s not compulsory to paint it when new and the low-maintenance requirements. The material has a preinstalled color that fades over time and leaves your walls looking unpleasant. Also, it is not a guarantee that you will love its initial color.  However, you can refresh your siding with your preferred layer of paint.

Painting this material has more restrictions and rules, unlike painting regular surfaces. To get the most out of your project, follow the steps below on how to paint vinyl siding.

Precaution: Before painting, read the warranty to ensure that you will not violate it. Also, stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations on the type of paint to use.

Choose the right paint and primer

After reading the manufacturer’s guide, you already know which paint type you are supposed to get for your siding once you walk into a store.

Some of the must-haves in a good vinyl paint are:

  • Acrylic and urethane compounds support the contraction nature of the material and help paint to stick firmly.
  • Similar or lighter shades

Prepare your surface

Pepping your surface is always the initial step in any painting job. A thorough cleaning removes all dust particles, molds, and debris, and this will guarantee you quality results.

Apply primer

A primer isn’t compulsory for vinyl. However, if the original color is worn out completely, you need it to provide an excellent base for the paint to stick.

Layer your paint

One coat is never enough for an excellently done wall finish. Apply the first layer and let it dry before adding the second one. At times two layers might not be enough; hence assess your surface and if it still requires more touch up, add a thor layer for your desired outcome.

Your well-painted exterior is likely to last about 10 years before you plan for a repaint. That’s why vinyl is said to be very economical and a go-to choice for most homeowners.

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How to Paint Vinyl Siding
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