Faux Finishing Techniques

Faux finishing is a  technique that replicates and mimics other finishes such as marble, wallpaper, wood, brick, stone, or brick. The best thing about this idea is that you will come up with unique designs that are not similar to any other. If you are looking for a way to add a little charm to your bare walls, here are the topmost faux finishing techniques that will transform your walls. 


Original marble is very costly and can be found in luxurious hotels and spas or government buildings. Fortunately, it is possible to create a design that mimics real marble at a low cost.


To achieve the look, dip a sponge lightly into paint and gently push it on your wall. For an excellent look, make multiple light layers and ensure that the colors are even across the entire surface. You can also opt to use different shades of one color for a more subtle result.


This concept creates a brick illusion and is a perfect choice for the patio or if you love the exposed brick wall designs.

Cut sponges into brick-like size and shape, then attach them onto plywood entirely. Apply brick paint on the sponges and press the wood on the surface, ensuring that your wall is completely covered.


Achieving a concrete finish is very easy. It involves incorporating different shades of then a glaze to seal the final look.


The graining technique is an imitation of wood is quite a common trend today. It is a perfect idea if you love natural wood finishes. It is made using a special graining tool by pulling it through a painted surface.

Rag Rolling

You can achieve a weathered stucco finish by simply twisting a rag and rolling it in paint. Then roll on your desired surface. For a more eye-catching look, you can use a different color from the one on the wall.


Use a putty knife to spread plaster over your wall to create a thick texture. Then paint over to emphasize the gradients. This design could work on your ceiling too.

Have you noted a faux finishing technique that you would love to see on your walls? Does it seem challenging to do the job on your own? Brightstar House Painters are ready to transform your dream faux-look into reality in a matter of time. Contact us via (240) 449-1736 to get a free estimate and schedule the project. We offer house painting services in Bethesda, Rockville, MD, and Silver Spring.

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Faux Finishing Techniques
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