Types of textured walls

Away from the usual smooth glossy finishes, textured walls are an excellent option out of the ordinary. They are stylish and give your space a striking look. Unlike a fine finish, they are easy to achieve as you do not aim for perfection. Additionally, they are an excellent way to hide your damages and flaws on the walls.

To achieve a textured pattern, you can go all out and formulate exceptional designs. Also, you can design to choose any of the following types of textured wall designs. It all depends on your personal preferences. 

Orange peel

The orange peel is a common and basic design. Just as its name suggests, it gets its name from the dimpled nature of an orange rind. It is achieved using a compressor, gun, and thinned drywall mud.


The knockdown texture is one good idea, especially for stucco look enthusiasts. It is perhaps the easiest texture to create. It is applied just the same way as orange peel; however, you should use a trowel to smooth the rough parts. It is ideal for kitchens, living rooms, and dining areas.


The comb is a stylish easy-to-install wall texture that involves creating lines of varying widths using a trowel. It is formed in a rainbow-like design at random angles. It is a perfect idea for the living room or dining room.

Sand swirl

The sand swirl technique is a combination of the comb and additional sand sprays. It is called a “Sand swirl” because you need to mix sand into the mud.

To achieve this design, dip a paintbrush into the mixture then create spirals in rows. Importantly, ensure that the mixture remains wet for a perfect finish.

Slap brush

The slapping technique depends on the type of paintbrush that you are using. You are likely to get a varying slap outcome with each different brush. This design aims to give your wall a floral pattern finish and is suitable for any room that requires an artistic touch.

Crows Feet

This texture is exceptional and achieved by applying wet mud on the wall then using a stiff-bristled brush to create lines that look like a crow’s feet.

Textured wall designs are quite plenty, and alternatively, you can also come up with your idea. However, since creating a perfect design that you picture in mind is not easy for an ordinary homeowner, contact Brightstar House Painters via (240) 449-1736  to get skilled handyman services in Rockville, MD.

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Types of textured walls
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