Touching up Interior Paint

Paint flaws are bound to occur even if you have the greatest expertise. As time goes by, you are likely to spot tiny stains on your surface, making it look completely uneven. It’s human nature to perfect our defects, and the same case applies to aging paint. You want your walls to glow spotlessly.

The biggest worry among most homeowners is how to go about touching up interior paint. Clean your surface thoroughly and follow these steps to touch-up your walls.

Fix damages

Fill in all the gaps and holes with a joint compound and putty knife to lay. Paint does not adhere properly on rough surfaces. Therefore, use sandpaper to smooth all the rough bumps and paint flakes.

Prime the section

A primer will ensure the adhesion of paint onto the surface. Prime only the area you would like to touch up. Then ensure that your primer dries off completely.


Using a roller or brush, apply paint in the primed segment. When buying paint, make sure that you pick a similar shade to the rest of the wall. If you have leftover paint, you can mix it with water or a thinner to reduce its thickness.

Ensure to use the same finish as in the other part of the walls for uniformity. Different sheens bring a glow up in the touch-up part resulting in a very conspicuous difference.

Inspect the touch-up

In most cases, it is difficult to see the difference between the touchup and the other parts of the wall when the paint is still wet. Give your surface enough time to dry completely, then check the touch up at an angle to distinguish any difference.


Ensure you use the same texture that was used in the rest of the wall. Additionally, use a similar tool and application technique that you had used before.

Don’t overload your roller or brush with excessive paint. Work with thin coats.

If all else fails and the results aren’t satisfactory, this may call for repainting the entire wall.

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Touching up Interior Paint
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