Common House Painting Mistakes

Nothing brightens up a house better than a fresh coat of paint on the walls and ceilings. Painting is often thought to be easier, and everyone assumes that they can do the job with no prior skills. However, that’s where we go wrong. Even though you can decide to do the painting job on your own, hiring a professional painter is the best idea whether you are working on the interior or exterior of the house.

However, if you trust your skills and want to handle the task on your own, here is a list of the most common house painting mistakes you ought to avoid for great results.

Picking the wrong paint

Choosing the wrong paint type or even color is quite a common mistake, mainly among novice painters. Picking the wrong color is very frustrating.  Again estimating the correct quantity required for a task is also very challenging. You will need proper estimations to void running out of paint before the job is complete.

Skipping the priming stage

Applying a coat of primer is a very crucial step in house painting. A primer provides a  surface for the paint to adhere to. It also helps in bringing out the desired look of your paint color with an excellent finish.

Wrong painting techniques

We often assume that painting is all about dipping your roller or brush and moving it on the surface in whichever direction you want. First off, you shouldn’t paint in the same order. Also, there are occasions where you will need a brush and not a roller, and vice versa. Therefore, you should do enough research before beginning the task.

Painting over a glossy surface

The paint does not stick firmly on glossy surfaces. Suppose you are repainting your wall, clean and sand before painting. It ensures that the paint adheres well on your walls.

Painting the ceiling last

One most significant rule in painting is always to start from the top going downwards. Splashes are deemed to occur despite how skilled you are in your job. Now imagine having to redo your walls again because of an avoidable mistake. However basic it may seem, this will be very helpful in your next painting task.

Not seeking professional guidance

Whether it is for a commercial or residential space, professional assistance in any painting job is Therefore, before settling to do the task on your own, always consult with pro painters in your local area.

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Common House Painting Mistakes
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