How Often Should You Repaint Your Home?

The general reason for repainting your house is to keep it looking good and attractive. Your home needs to be appealing both from the outside and the inside. But again, you can’t repaint all rooms and surfaces at the same time. Some house sections get dirty quickly, while others remain in their initial state for quite a long time. Thus, some require more attention than the rest, especially the high traffic spaces such as the hallway.

How often should you repaint your home?


How frequently you paint your home’s exterior is depends on a collection of variables: The region you live in and the quality of materials and paint used in the project.

Coastal homes have high salinity; hence the paint wears off faster in these regions, demanding more frequent repainting. The same case applies to a home close to the beach. However, for the rest, repainting should be done after 5 years. However, for the cheaper options, you might need to repaint the exterior yearly.


Some walls inside the house need to be repainted more often than others because of daily use. For instance, if your guest room rarely has visitors, then you wouldn’t need to keep repainting as frequently as the commonly used spaces.

Hallway: Basically, these are the corridors leading to the rest of the rooms in the house. They are walked through more than any other space in your home. It means that they are the most affected by wear and tear thus often require repairs and repainting.

Kitchen and bathroom: in these rooms, where there is moisture, paint is likely to fade or wear out much easier. You will need to be keen on these areas for a regular repaint every 2 to 3 years.

Bedrooms: If you have kids especially, the little ones below 10 years, you will have a lot of repainting to do. It could even cost you a yearly redo. However, for adult bedrooms, you can repaint in 3 years.

Living room: IF you use high-quality paint, you might need frequent repainting even if you use your living room frequently.

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How Often Should You Repaint Your Home?
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