Tips For Exterior House Painting

Right from prepping your house for painting, there are quite numerous things that you should consider while painting. An excellent painting job will not only add a great appeal to your home but also extend the life of your siding and increase the market property value if you are planning to sell your property.

Here are fantastic tips for exterior house painting if you want to take your painting skills to a great level.

Consider the weather conditions

Unlike interior house painting, working on the exterior is highly determinant of the prevailing weather conditions. Planning at the right time of the year to do the task is the most crucial thing in exterior painting.  Settle on seasons where there are little or no rains and lower humidity.

The paint coats need adequate time to dry before adding other layers.

Always consider quality over price

Your exterior paint needs to withstand all the prevailing weather conditions throughout the year and retain its beauty for an extended period. Colors that last longer are always pricier than the rest, and it’s human nature to get tempted to skimp on paint to save a few bucks.

However, you need to understand that settling for cheaper brands will be very costly in the long run, considering the number of repaints you will need in the future.

Choose the right paint

If you are repainting a small section and would like to match the existing paint color, carry a small sample to the store while purchasing. Paint sheds are pretty diverse and could be confusing even to the pros.

If you had leftovers, test on a small section to ensure that you have picked the exact paint you wanted.

Sand, clean your surface and scrape loose paint

Paint does not stick firmly on dirty surfaces. Instead, it forms air bubbles, begins to crack or flake, and at times results in uneven color distribution.  Therefore, clean your siding thoroughly and let it dry and sand removes any excess dirt and rough particles on the surface. Additionally, scrape off all the peeling paint.

Repair rotten wood on the siding

Paint will never adhere well on rotten wood. It is a complete waste of time, energy, and resources to paint such surfaces. Therefore perform the necessary repairs or replace the siding before beginning the painting job.  Also, inspect the entire exterior for any damages and perform them prior.

Why Professional House Painters

Professional house painting contractors are excellently skilled in their job and have enough experience; thus, they can handle any painting task regardless of its complexity. At Brightstar House Painters in Rockville, MD, customer satisfaction has always been our sole purpose.

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Tips For Exterior House Painting
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