When Is The Best Time for Exterior Painting in Rockville, MD?

Exterior house painting is sensitive for your house because it gives people an impression of what they are likely to expect in the interior. It, therefore, plays a key role in attracting prospective buyers when you put up your property for sale. This, therefore, means that you ought to be extra careful when choosing what paint to use and the best season.

A recurring question among numerous homeowners is, When is the best time for exterior house painting in Rockville, MD? By the end of this article, you will clearly understand the ideal period to schedule your next painting.


The summer season is usually a busy period in Bethesda, with most people working on their home paint, especially for the exterior. This period provides excellent weather conditions with enough sunlight to allow your paint to dry entirely with minimum interference.

By summer, the rains are very minimal, and warm weather prevails most days in the season. However, extreme sunlight is dangerous as it causes the paint to dry almost instantly, leading to premature coats. Thus, do not paint when the sun is shining directly on your surface.


Spring is also another point in the year to plan for your house painting.  However, since rains begin to fall as the season progresses, it would be advisable to paint earlier to allow the paint to bond properly with the surface beforehand.

You will not have to face the challenges of painting on highly humid days in spring, unlike the summer season.


Drastic temperature changes are not favorable while painting your home’s siding. For instance, on a day that reaches up to 106 degrees and droops down to as low as 45 degrees, the paint does not dry off well.

In that case, early autumn might just be the perfect period since the night and day temperatures are almost similar, unlike other periods in the year.

NOTE: You should apply paint only on dry surfaces. Always do a thorough check of your exterior and if you notice any slight moisture, give your walls enough time to dry completely.

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When Is The Best Time for Exterior Painting in Rockville, MD?
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