Which paint is best for your bathroom?

If you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom for a better experience in terms of bright colors or give your space a spa-like feel, then you are definitely wondering which paint works best in bathrooms.

When choosing your bathroom paint, you should consider a type that can withstand the bathroom’s moisture’s humid conditions. Mildew and mold growth are often common in most bathrooms if you are not keen on picking the right paint.

We have collected some helpful information on which paint is the best for your bathroom.

Characteristics of Good Bathroom Paints

When referring to bathroom paints, there are no specific brands in that name. It is just a way to distinguish which ordinary paint is fit for your bathroom. Here are the factors you should consider when settling for your bathroom paint.

1. Moisture-resistant

Moisture is the main problem in bathrooms; regardless of how careful you are to prevent splashes, they will still occur. Hence choose a water-resistant primer and paint to ensure your paint does not begin to peel over time.

2. Mildew and mold resistant

Since bathrooms are prone to water splashes and could retain moisture for quite some time, mildew and mold growth could become challenging to control, especially in a poorly-ventilated room.

To prevent this problem, you should purchase paints with microbial additives that do not support mildew and mold growth.

3. Ease to wash

Bathrooms accumulate stains from dripping water and soap foams leaving the walls unsightly. You will need a paint type that is easy to wipe and clean; thus, choose the right finish for your walls.

Semi-gloss and high-gloss finishes are great at resisting moisture; hence consider these two for your bathroom walls and cabinets.

4. Color

Your bathroom wall colors affect the mirror reflection and give you a false impression if the paint is extremely bright. Neutrals such as whites, creams, and grays are the most preferred colors in this space.

Before diving into giving your bathroom a fresh look, you must consider the above factors; otherwise, you will end up undergoing losses if you use the wrong paint. You want to make sure that your walls are resistant to moisture and achieve a great gloss finish.

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Which paint is best for the bathroom
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