How to choose the best paint colors for your home

With many colors you love, settling on a color palette for your home is the most troublesome part of designing. It will give you headaches, changing from one color scheme to another and yet not finding a solution to your problem. Now that’s where your professional painting contractor comes.

At Brightstar Houspainters, with the help of qualified and experienced painters, we help our clients choose the best color combinations for their commercial or residential houses.

Here is a guide on how to choose the best paint colors for your home.

Pick your favorite color

If you don’t know where to start from picking a color scheme for your house, the best place to start is your favorite color. Brainstorm on what color you think would be perfect on your walls, then now use the color palette to find rhyming ones.

Find an inspiration

Magazines, sites such as Pinterest are a great source of inspiration, giving you access to thousands of ideas for your home. Today, numerous online sites offer varying motivations and provide a platform for you to create visual boards of your favorite ideas for later use.

 If you do not have a favorite hue, make the internet your friend and get inspired by peoples’ ideas.

Color wheel and the color theory

The good news is that you don’t have to study the color theory to get results from a color wheel. A color wheel allows you to generate paint scheme ideas quickly by seeing how they relate to each other. It is an excellent tool in identifying which combinations match with one another. Ones that appear opposite are complimentary while nearby ones are analogous; thus, combining them does not bring much charm.

Create focal points

Changing the shade or adding a contrasting color to a wall brings forth exemplary results. Choose a specific wall to act as your center of interest, and then you can now go all out with the paint idea or shade you have in mind. A small change will add more pop and make your house more visually appealing.

The monochromatic approach

You can decide to work with one color for the entire home, then choose to play with the same darker and lighter shades. It brings a soothing mood and can also be achieved by layering different shades for the best results.

Your home color entirely depends on your preferences and playing around with different hues to get a fantastic feeling. With a bit of imagination and inspiration, your color-picking game will be top-notch. For the best house painting services in Rockville, MD, talk to us at (240) 449-1736.

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How to choose the best paint colors for your home
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