Paint and Stucco Recommendations for Renovation

Paint and Stucco Recommendations for Renovation

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If you live in a house that is built with stucco and you are planning to give it a new look, then you have a wide variety of stucco paints in the market to choose from. After procuring the paint, you can paint the house yourself. You just need to know a few tricks and follow some simple procedures to ensure that the work gets completed easily and is done well. If you are dedicated, you can do the job as well as a professional like Brightstar Painters.

Here are a few things you could consider.

Stucco Issues

Carefully observe the existing stucco present in your house or apartment. Check the shape, design and material it is made of. Find out if there are cracks or patches that you need to repair before commencing with the painting work. High-quality acrylic caulk is very convenient to use and work with. You also get a caulk that is mixed with sand. It boasts of a stylish finish and blends easily with the paint.

Cleaning the Surface

Pressure washing is required to remove all the remnants of the loose paint and other material that might act as a hindrance for the paint to bind to the wall. You mustn’t rush through the cleaning process and spend a good amount of time doing it. You can find some good quality gas pressure washers on the internet.

When Was It Used or Applied

If the stucco is relatively new, you will have to wait for a minimum period of sixty days before getting it painted. If you note the date, it would prove to be all the more helpful. It will take some time for the stucco to acquire a hardened exterior. Once you are sure that it has become strong enough, you can apply paint over it.

The Texture

You have to figure out the texture of the stucco before you apply paint over it. The stucco could be rough or smooth or have the kind of texture which is a mix of the two. If you find yourself being unable to determine the texture yourself, you can seek the help of a professional. Once you manage to find out what kind of texture the stucco has, you can zero in the tools or the method that would be used to paint it.