Types of Interior Wall Coverings

When it comes to interior walls, there is a wide variety of options that you can settle for depending on your personal preferences. These materials vary in designs, and some are more stylish than others and are predominantly used because of their beauty.

Besides being strong and durable, walls should be appealing and attractive. This article will give you an overview of the best types of interior wall coverings and get to know which ones match your taste.


In the market, there are various paints, such as water-based (perfect for interior walls) and oil-based types, each suitable for specific surfaces. Paint is a perfect choice for your surfaces since it provides a protective layer to prevent damages.

Wood panels

Wood is a prevalent building material and is loved by many, especially for its pleasing natural finish. It is preferred since it’s readily available thus economically feasible. It can be made into any desired size or shape and provides sound insulation.


Exposed brick is an emerging wall covering trend among most homeowners today. They are a fantastic idea to try for house remodeling or even designing a new structure plan.

Glass Walls

Advancements in the technology industry are replacing the traditional interior walls with glass. It makes your space feel luxurious and even appear bigger. You can also use the material to partition big spaces into smaller ones.


Wallpapers are an easier and cheaper option to achieving your desired wall. You need to head into a store and purchase designs and patterns that match your interest, then ask for help with the installation.

Also, some designs are water-resistant hence washable with a soft cloth or sponge.

Steel sheets

Steel is immensely strong, durable, and flexible and can bend into any shape without breaking. It is an ideal choice for industrial buildings but is also emerging in contemporary modern houses. Steel is easy to fashion since it comes in quite many finishes that you can pick.

Acoustic Tiles

Acoustic tiles are a cheap nice-looking option for your walls. They can remit and absorb unnecessary noises from your surroundings; thus, they are perfect for people who do not like noise. Tiles also offer a stylish look for your space and are available in designs, patterns, and colors you can imagine.

The interior design wall covering industry is continually changing with newer trends emerging with each passing day. You can never run out of materials to try out in your house. Dial (240) 449-1736 to get in touch with Brightstar House Painters for professional advice in choosing a suitable wall covering.

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Types of Interior Wall Coverings
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